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Living Without Limitations, 30 Stories To Heal Your World

Do you feel like being limited, hopeless, daunted or carrying unforgiveness? Did you experience abuse or bullied at some point in your life? “Living without Limitations: 30 Stories to Heal your World” is written by 25 international co-authors including myself, shared our life’s past experiences for your inspirations, encouragement, empowerment and whatever way it may impact your life.

1. You will discover that this book will surely uplift your spirit where you think you were stuck in a rut and needed someone to hold your hands while you are recuperating from where you are or wanting to recover from life’s pains.
2. You may also discover that maybe someone you know needs to read this book and it is what they are waiting for in life.
3. The power of forgiveness heals you first before you can forgive others.

I co-authored this book because sometimes “opportunity comes” once. Once l had a transformation from my traumatic experience, l often imagined sharing my story with others to inspire them and a great privilege to work with our international compiler and other co-authors around the globe by collaborating online. I decided to go through the challenge despite the fact I work shift works and re-scheduling to meet up our international compiler online with different time zones is a real personal challenge in 24/7. In the end, it was all rewarding experience after granted as an international bookseller on Amazon 11th of April 2014.
In the book, you will find different individual life stories and our personal coaching tips along with my co-authors we just shared to the world. With a busy schedule until now l have not shared on my blog until someone picked up my story and gave me the urgency to share with you.

Our primary mission found on our main website regarding the book http://livingwithoutlimitations-30storiestohealyourworld.com/

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I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Brian Baulch

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