What About Brian Baulch?

  • Brian A. Baulch is a professional certified life coach through Coaching Cognition, entrepreneur, speaker, author and internet marketing consultant.
  • Specialise in empowering zealous travel/tourism small businesses and travellers with the use of social media collaboration and internet technology tools to leverage themselves for others. Inspire people from any generation X, Y, Z, etc. who wants to make a difference in societies, cultures, and tribes they connect no matter what obstacles to surmount from all life backgrounds.
  • Collaborate for positive change and bring rejuvenating balm around the world against all the odds.
  • He lives in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. He seizes 25 years’ shift-working experience in the Newspaper Printing media. His working experience in these 24/7 days shift-work environment steered him to apportion and inspire others how he surmounts these challenges with those who work in a shift-working industry with such great demands in lifestyle and family life to empowering them to move ahead aligning their core values with their passions, dreams, talents, skills and experiences.
  • Encourage others to conceive a lifestyle that not only sustains their official mission but having time to shine back contributing to others in the community how they dream possible.
  • He married happily to Jennifer R. Baulch with no children ten years to date. However, together as a driven couple visionary co-founders of Rechargelife and FusionTourism small business birth to encourage, equip and love connecting with engaging people or “weary travellers” to thrive with their dreams and visions discovering the unlabelled opportunity.
  • Brian’s travel experiences himself from single to married life brought him to a more preponderant level of understanding the difference and definition between a traveller and a tourist with a balance of choice immersing in the local or global community.
  • Quotes to define the difference between a traveller and a tourist:

“Tourists see the location through illusive confinement and comfort-driven from where they arrived. They presume clarity awareness of their destination while visiting different cultures rather than attract, engage and collaborate. They often ignore local culture signs and push people to serve them rather than to serve.” ~Brian A. Baulch

“Travellers curiously seek out to explore, engage and discover all that the local culture has to offer them with greater clarity awareness. They strive to serve and support locals overcoming their obstacles. Sustainable, responsible empathy-driven footprints are their mission journey adventures. “~Brian A. Baulch

  • What you are about to discover on this website is not just about his journey but about you and how you can travel on to the next phase of your own life’s journey you want to navigate.
Keep on Trailblazing Great Stuff Mate!
By Brian Baulch
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