How To Create Your Own Free Valuable Podcast In 10 Steps Course

How To Create Your Own Free Valuable Podcast In 10 Steps Course

How To Get Free Podcast Hosting For Bootstrapping Digital Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneurs – Step 1

This is the first video in the series of 10 baby step by step videos, to get your podcast up and running like a professional, escape the shiny object syndrome focus on the value you have with the community craving for you to share. Podcasting allows you to reach a community often not available by any other median.

The “How to Create Your Own Free Valuable Podcast In 10 Steps” baby step by step video course subtitles are.

Video 1How To Get Free Podcast Hosting For Bootstrapping Digital Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneurs – Step 1

Video 2Whooshkaa Free Podcast Hosting For Digital Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneurs – Step 2

Video 3How to Signup with Whooshkaa Podcast Host for Digital Affiliate Marketers – Step 3

Video 4How to Create a Podcast Show with Whooshkaa Podcast Hosting – Step 4

Video 5How to Create Free Podcast Cover Art – Step 5

Video 6How to setup Podcast Cover Art in Whooshkaa Podcast Hosting – Step 6

Video 7How to Create First Podcast Episode – Step 7

Video 8How to Upload First Podcast Episode in Whooshkaa – Step 8

Video 9How to Setup Apple ID for the Audio Podcast Search Engines – Step 9

Video 10How to Set-Up Apple Podcasts Connect Beam Your Value Digital Spider Web Blanket Globally! Step – 10

I will be adding bonus series to even get greater reach from your podcast and also high quality audio equipment that will make your high value podcast be just like the professionals do it. So keep an eye out on this blog for the bonus podcast series, share your constructive feedback about the course or any question about podcasting in the blog comments please.

Hope you find it helpful to getting started in podcasting, ideal if you want to re-purpose valuable blog content for your digital affiliate bootstrapping marketing community or any other niche too.

Below is a TRANSCRIPTION ONLY of me walking you through baby step by step in the above Youtube video called How To Get Free Podcast Hosting For Bootstrapping Digital Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneurs – Step 1.

Good Hey guys, today I’m going to take you to step by step, the baby steps, how to get started with creating a podcast, getting it set up, so you can switch it on and off, just like you turn, electricity on and off, very simple. We’re going to take you through those steps.

And so if you’ve already got a blog, that’s probably a great thing, because you can also repurpose your blog content, make it more valuable, make it more exciting because you bring your own voice your own unique day is from your soul. So that you can further connect to your community or audience in a greater way, particularly those who are commuting. podcaster really taken off in the landscape, a lot of people in the Australian community, particularly in the commercial department, are using podcast and see the value. So it’s going to help you further develop your skills, your just your connection with your audience in a greater way. So we’re going to help you through that, developing it all for free using free hosting.

So this is especially good if you’re a bootstrapping digital affiliate, marketing entrepreneur, even if you’re a side hustler.I mean, we do not encourage people to side hustle because I see that many people get caught up with all the shiny objects one object divert another from a Ruby to a diamond to the next Pearl, a next gem. That is what I often see out there into community. But if you’re having if you’re having procrastination, or you’re getting distracted by the next shiny object, podcasting can bring back to your home base, particularly if you’ve already got a blog. going in, even if you haven’t got a blog going.

There’s no excuses why not to start a podcast, particularly if your strength is not in the written language as much that most of us and all of us can always shop and sharpen our powerful voice that comes from deep within our soul. So you’re going to learn about why podcasting and why it’s valuable.

It allows you to target your reach of your target market, that specific market, that you want to reach out to us a digital affiliate marketing entrepreneur, whether that’s offline businesses, whether it’s online businesses, or whether its customers and clients in different niches, whatever it may be, it those who love to hear audio, going to love to hear you speak clearly speak in your profound way, with all your accent, and dialect, whatever that may be to you. That is personal to you and your audience.

Number two, it’s going to allow you to target your niche market in a more aggressive why, but a tangible why particularly if they are travelers. And so many people are traveling these days, whether it’s for entertainment, or whether it’s for commuting to work, whatever it might be, we often travel in this global world on a on a can be on a local basis, or, of course, a national international basis. So a lot of us are traveling with all the modern logistics that we have at hand in this modern world that we have. So that’s going to help you further reach further connect to that audience that you want to reach. And you are targeting.

And just remember, you’re not trying to you’re not trying to seek 100,000 people, you only need approximately 100 200 people who love and adore everything that you have to offer them of value, and tranquility. And that in a nutshell, you can build your lifestyle around those two or 300 people. But obviously, you’ll further reach a larger audience and that, but if you have a starting point of just even 10 people, even 10 people just imagine getting in front of 10 people that you may be shy or too intimidated or do not feel comfortable, or have the confidence to get in front of 10 people in front of a classroom.

If you’re the net type of person, now it’s your time, now it’s your opportunity to get in front of them, it’s been no better time, there’s going to be no better time in in human history, to get in front of just even 10 people. Just imagine that, even with all the complexities and all the procrastination, that you may have had grown growing up, and your teacher telling you to get in front of an audience of 10 or 30 students. Now you can just get learn to how to get uncomfortable in your comfortable, if you know what I mean. And there’s no better way than podcasting to do that. And you’re going to learn it all how to do it for so there’s going to be no stumbling blocks.

Number three, you can reach your audience and attract them with the power of unique words of expression. Now how you deliver and how you uniquely Express is different from everyone else. If you know what I mean, we have all this amazing technology to type in English words or whatever language often many languages these days, it’s pretty possible to decode that with AI robotic technology on the internet. And it’s an express that written word. But there’s nothing like your your unique there is a comes from your soul.

A robot cannot replace that a robot cannot do that. It cannot express uniquely, it’s going to be very straight, very dry, and very upfront. And it has its place and time to use such tools and technology. But it does not replace human. I hear a lot about in the mainstream world. Whoo, the fear and the Armageddon around iOS technology. And it’s going to take us all over and it’s going to cripple us. And it’s going to put its tentacles on us and we’ll be all gone will be own Blitzer rated by AI. Well, if that’s the way you think you better turn off this presentation right now. But if you want to reframe, you want to sharpen up and come from the intelligence that your parents, right your parents raised you on.

They said, and you know what I said, they said to do go out there into the world and do what you want to do, despite the challenges besides the things. So in other words, you either turn me off right now, or go and turn off the idiot box that teaches a lot of BS, because that’s basically how it is. I’m being upfront with you, because I want to see you develop your best in the world. And, and I don’t know whether that idiot box has your best intentions only you cannot whether that idiot box has your best interests involved, to see your best in the world. Or what I am trying to deliver here for you whether that is going to add value and support and guide you further to develop in the digital world. That’s up to you to decide.

So number four, it allows you to, of course, the dead, better develop your skills, which we’ve already shared about. And we’ve spoken about. So even if you’ve been intimidated by getting in front of the classroom have a 10 people or even five people, even when they went around, even when you’re in elementary or primary school, whatever type of child school you grew up in, you’re so shy, you couldn’t even speak words out there when it comes to talking about what what, Johnny Oh, or cloudy down on the weekend.

You could not speak now. Now it’s your time to get up and speak and share your value. And it allows you to further grow and increase your blog and your social responsibility. I believe that we all have a social responsibility.
They are in the social media.

Rather than just share all the all all our pain, the negative and how we’re feeling today. If we all sharpened up his skills, we would use social media social media is not bad in general. It’s how we use it. It’s how we choose to use it. We often use too often. Is it like a piece of toilet paper, to be quite honest. And it’s up to each of us whether we use it like a piece of toilet paper or we’re going to sharpen it up and use it like iron sharpens iron. So number five, I confer this you can third strengthen your brand and your blog and the trust that you have with your community.

No matter how big your community or small your community is right now. Rather than rely on the Facebook’s and the Twitter’s and and and the YouTube’s, and all these do they have your interests involved? Did I want to see your best career options come out? Do they really? That’s up to you this is the side your voice has unique power and it has unique power to attract for your messages.

And some of the greatest book of the oldest book it’s printed in a world The Baba Yes, it talks about the past are of the words the power of air boys and and the even the one of the second biggest print run books in the world thinking Grow Rich talks about the power of the voice and the power to attract with our words and our boys. So number seven, our soul has the ability to thrive as the impact from our words that we speak.

So thanks for coming along to this presentation. Now we’re going to get straight into it, how to get connected and creating that podcast uniquely for you. To get you up and running today. The slight switching off the electricity or power.

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Hi Brian, I’m watching your Podcasting Videos, and learning lots. It’s time I believe for us to catch up and for me to get serious about Podcasts. Can you email me, and we hopefully can set up a meet.

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