How to Create a Podcast Show with Whooshkaa Podcast Hosting - Step 4

How to Create a Podcast Show with Whooshkaa Podcast Hosting – Step 4

How To Create Your Own Free Valuable Podcast In 10 Steps Course

In this video above “How to Create a Podcast Show with Whooshkaa – Step 4” you will learn baby step by step creating your own unique podcast show without getting distracted by shiny object syndrome that impacts many in the digital world.

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Okay, guys, welcome back. It took approximately about one hour from registering. So when we registered for whisker, in our last video, it took approximately about an hour, or a little bit grander over an hour to get approved for whisker podcast. You may be asking, Why do they ask and why do they take time to approve? Well, my guess is that it’s a way for them to police and make sure that it is not some sort of automated robot signing up, or web farm with people just been hired to sign up and create spam and send out content that has no value, or the explicit nature. So that would be my guess, and to also make sure that you’re a real person and going to create value. So going from there, once you get your sign up message, you’ll get a sign up message from which guy, and once you receive that approval, you’ll be able to go ahead and click on that link, you just go here and click on that link. And then you go ahead, once you click on that link, it’ll open up in a web browser. And then you will get the opportunity to put a password in of your leisure, I recommend to use LastPass. It’s a great application. That way you can create and generate very unique, sophisticated passwords. The only password you have to remember is the master password. So you keep that sacred keep that between yourself, and probably one or two other loved ones, so they know about it. And it’s very important information to keep. At the same time, it helps you keep everything well managed in order that organized that to LastPass.

So once you’ve it is set up using LastPass.

Or if you do not know about LastPass, I recommend going out and finding a YouTube video about how to set it up and going to last pass website by googling it. If you cannot find the information, please let me know. And we can look at providing some information about setting up LastPass. But getting back to LastPass. Once you have a secret decoded password, they recommend to have a minimum of eight characters. So you want to have uppercase characters and lowercase and also numbers and non on numbers also. So you know, you want to have other symbols of that nature involved in it. So that’s why I would recommend LastPass, but you choose what you want to do. Once you’re done that you go ahead and set the password. And once that is done LastPass or automatically put it into my management. And then I can go ahead and I can go ahead and sign in. So with the rich email that you use to sign up for whooshkaa. And once you’re in your seat that it’s there and you’ll see your name over here on the left hand. The left hand side is, it should be on of your screen your name. And you can click on it and fall down the tabs and close those tabs. So like that.

Well, if you already have a show, you can go ahead and imported if you want to. But of course you would, that would require a little bit more technical nature. Because you would need to put redirect links from your old podcast provider, your old podcast provider or your other pay podcast hosts, if you want to come over to this free host would have to allow you to do that. Well, they should Anyway, let us know if you need more information about importing a podcast. But for the focus will keep it on creating a new show. So first of all, we’re going to call it rechargelife. Like I said in our last one, we’re setting up a podcast for my wife and our original blog when we first come on the digital world around 2007 or eight it was and we’re going to just call it rechargelife and rechargelife podcast, I think we’ll call it and you can

I think for this purpose. I will put podcast down here. But that’s up to you. You can decide to move podcasts up there, you don’t have to even put podcast in it. That’s up to you what the title you want. There. And of course you would need a subtitle down here. And you can do it simply like that. It’s up to you how to do it. If you want more clarity around that. Some more tips and hints says let us know we’re here to help you and guide you. And so then we’re going to put a simple description about the podcast.

So we’re going to say rechargelife pod is about and you can write more in your description. I’m keeping a brief for the time being to just get us through the information.

Just to get us through that information. Grammarly is an app I use helpful for creating good grammar. Most podcasts would be in English, so if you speak another language, you would have to put it in most will only have US English sometimes they might have it in

Australian English, UK English Connect Canadian, this one that looks like it’s only English than it looks. Sorry, they do have Australian English. So you have different forms of English, so you need to scroll down if you want different forms of English while they’ve even got Philippines English, New Zealand, so you don’t have to stick to the US English.

So you got even Island English. So you go ahead and find the English that you want. Obviously, that we all have a different way of saying things in English language.

Any way that can make it a little bit more clearer for you.

Okay, so, of course, you need to decide whether you want to create a episodes or a series a serial, I would recommend probably sticking to an episodes, particularly if you’re in the entrepreneurial space and around that type of niche. Depending on your niche, most niches would stick more into the episode area of things. But if you feel that a serial is what you want, which is more seasonal. So example that season could be between, you know a certain amount of months, it could be only for four months of the year, or say five months example sake, a certain amount of months per year. But if not, if you believe that this will be ongoing or a continual pattern, type of things stick to episodes.

And just for this, you would just put it season one because you’re sticking to episodes. And then you type the name of the author, so your name and then your email address that you used. And then you want to put in the primary category that you’re going to fit in.

So whatever that primary credit category, you believe, fits your niche. And you can add additional categories. The Keep in mind, I think, yes, so you can put in additional.

So we’re just going to look through here for a few others. Self Help. That is what we’re going to go for.

Yes, it says please note, Apple podcast, iTunes does not recognize additional character categories. So make sure that you Because remember if it was not explained earlier, remember, I’m pretty sure in the earlier video, I said that iTunes or the apple podcast is like your satellite, main transmitter. And it, it’s the thing, it’s like the central web location where your podcast can be mapped to other smaller and minor applications that you’ll learn across the way. But the most important thing is to stick in the mind. Keep it simple, is Apple podcast iTunes, for now. And so for that, you need to make sure that that primary category that you choose to use fits your niche and aligns to your core and your vision a mission obviously.

And then you can put some copyright text in there. And for this site with going to quote recharge was copy 2019 you can ride however you want to ride. Or obviously, if you have a legal friend, someone who knows about copywriting copyrights, you may want to seek their guidance on that. Down here for tracking your URL. You do not need to concern yourself with that for a moment for setting up external shows.

We won’t concern ourselves with that, that’s more advanced. And then layer normalize will take that. So please go ahead and take that I recommend to set it at 16. That’s the level that I like to use. And that’s what Apple iTunes recommends. Also says in the question mark here, of course 15 is very good for Google podcast. And then you have 14 for Amazon Alexa, but of course you want to focus on and keeping it simple. Apple iTunes. That’s the most important thing build around your content around the Apple iTunes transmitter or see it as a satellite, a main transmitter, okay. And then down here, you would put the explicit writing. So if it’s clean, just go ahead and put clean.

Okay, now the you’ve put all your description, and all that information we just spoke about what you will need to do now before you can create and press that create button, you need to upload a new image between 3000 to 3000 up to the 3000 to 3000 pixels and a minimum of 1400 by 1400 pixels. So we’re going to show you how to create a basic one. And how we going to do it for this podcast by using Canva. So we’ll stop this recording now. And then the next video will show you how to create that image and upload it to here so we can get to the next spot in getting our podcast hosting off the ground.

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