How to setup Podcast Cover Art in Whooshkaa Podcast Hosting - Step 6

How to setup Podcast Cover Art in Whooshkaa Podcast Hosting – Step 6

How To Create Your Own Free Valuable Podcast In 10 Steps Course

In the above video “How to setup Podcast Cover Art in Whooshkaa Podcast Hosting – Step 6” you will learn how to upload and apply the podcast cover art you created in Canva into your Whooshkaa podcast show platform.

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Okay, now we’re back at Whooshkaa. You’ve got all your information typed in, as we done before, you’ve created your cover art work for your new podcast, you’ve got clarity around your brand, and your marketing and your content and your core line values. If not, and you’re still struggling, please get back to me, we look forward to helping you out.

Down below or so you’ll find a link to That link will take you ahead. And with my business partners, they take you to step by step through understanding through getting precise, hardly around your cash flow. If that’s also something you’ve been struggling with, as soon as you’re struggling with your branding, and connecting everything together, they will take you through that most important element. And from there, we can help serve you in getting clarity around your branding. But first, most of all is really important to get clarity around predictable cash flow for your business. And you will go ahead get the valuable information from my business partners. Watch the videos, and then you’ll get a download one page PDF that will take you through very easy and simple how to start getting predictable cash flow with your business. And then you can gain more clarity and we look forward to serving and helping you further. So back to this for now. We’re going to upload that image. So we’re going to go to my desktop because I’ve got it on the desktop, we’re going to look for the work for Rechargelife. So I podcast. This is a podcast I have with my beloved wife. And this is the image. And that will do. We’re happy with that image.

And we’re going to upload sorry, that’s already uploaded now, one to market from wherever you were in a file on your desktop, or wherever this you have that file. And you can see it there, it’s very clear. And if you’re happy with your image, your cover art, you go ahead and create k successfully created our show. So you’ll see here now that we’ve created a show, once you click on this, go back to show you my show, you know, so you can see. And you can always also do it from the left-hand tab, and go click on shows and episodes. And to get an overview, you can click on that and brings an overview of the podcast. So we’ve already created our communication, you could call it your communication, radio, or your communication to the desirable then go ahead and communicate with your satellite, which happens to be Apple Podcast Network. Basically keeping it nice and simple. And you’ll see that your podcasts images there, and about your pod podcast description. And here is the unique RSS is feed. Now basically the RSS feed is technically can be a technical hurdle for people. So keep it in baby step layman terms, it’s basically your antenna at your antenna to then be able to transmit. And so then your satellite can receive signals and beam you out beam your spider web and your content spider web out to the world and your voice out there into the world. That’s basically what it is. So that is your antenna. And you’ll get to learn more about that. But for now, that will do. And of course, you can copy and paste it wherever you want. And we’ll learn more about that later. Okay, guys, hopefully, that has helped you that we have uploaded our image. And now we’re going to go ahead and create our first main episode. So we’re going to come back and show you how to do that. How to do a really simple, of course, you know, you can do more details you could go, but we want to get cracking because we want to keep avoiding the shiny objects and the shiny object syndrome. So we can get on kicking and start to create predictable cash flow because that is our focus. Our primary goal is to get out content and repurpose. So let’s go ahead and go to the next video very soon.

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