How to Signup with Whooshkaa Podcast Host for Digital Affiliate Marketers - Step 3

How to Signup with Whooshkaa Podcast Host for Digital Affiliate Marketers – Step 3

How To Create Your Own Free Valuable Podcast In 10 Steps Course

In the above video you will be taken baby step by step through the sign up process to Whooshkaa podcast hosting, if you missed the other 2 videos on why and how I come to choose Whooshkaa podcast hosting please go back to watch them.

Below is a TRANSCRIPTION ONLY of the above video “How to signup with Wooshkaa Podcast Host for Digital Affiliate Marketers – Step 3”

Well, welcome back, guys, welcome back. With this step, we’re going to set up wish podcast hosting, and take you through those little baby steps. Now, before we get started, I just wanted to clarify and show you another reason why we are tapping in to wish free podcast hosting, and why it’s a, I believe, a valuable and a low-risk option.

As far as using free podcast hosting, will you have here, for example, I think I shared before we the fox 40 is using the wish podcast hosting, which Fox 40 is owned by Rupert Murdoch. And he’s a group of corporations in the media Space News limited here in Australia. And I’m not sure for around the world what he calls his name, but basically, Rupert Murdoch’s behind this media company, and they are using the wash guy, podcast hosting.

So now we’re going to take us through the steps. And hopefully, that is helped clarify why we chose the free hosting. Okay, guys, back again. Now you need to type

Now, Whooshkaa is spelt w,h, o, o, s, h, a, a, k, a (dot) com, you need to type that in, I will put that in the web links down below as we go through the steps. And so you know exactly where to go. And you’ll be able to click on that with your mouse. And he is simply we’re at the homepage of Oscar. Very simple. It’s for creators for brains for tech. And of course, you can click on the About Us and learn more about us. And now we’re going to sign in. So you of course, down below, you would register here.

I think that’s where I registered. And you can register as a creator if you want, or a brand. That’s up to you to choose your options there. Before easy flow, we’ll just go with registering.

And we’ll go through the registration process. Now I have another blog that I have in my cell phone my wife and I has been using for a number of years. And it’s a team blog together, called And over the years, it’s grown and evolved. And we haven’t got our podcasts on there. So for this demonstration, I’m going to set up a podcast. And probably in time, I will use it on the blog. So we’re going to basically set up one for that. I’ve already got two blogs set up for my other sites. But for this demonstration, I want to take you step by step for the baby steps of how you set up a podcast, like switching. So it becomes like switching on and off the power or the electricity in your house. So Okay, so first step we need to put the name in.

And then you need to put up your podcast or your organization title. For this demonstration, we will use rechargelife. As I said, that is my blog.

When I was getting on the web with my wife, and I, we haven’t done a lot on the blog lately, but it’s still our home base. And it still is some branding in there about us as a couple.

So for this purpose, rechargelife is about health, it’s about wealth, it’s really about just recharging life, you know, eating healthy, getting connected to what you want to do was a little bit entrepreneurial there. But basically, the motto of rechargelife has evolved. But basically, it’s about thriving, thriving on your own terms, your own conditions and how you want instead of someone else’s terms, say I told you that.

Ok. And now we will put in business. So you would go through the options, the title that suits you. And I’m guessing because you’re an entrepreneur, you might choose business business to just before I stop there to see if there is for marketing. I don’t think there’s one for marketing.

But of course, that depends, you could possibly choose one of the other options. Anyway, we’ll go change our time zone around now. And finally our time zone. Which is to let me think where it is.

It’s not there, hang on, and we’ll be back here. So just go for your time zones. And here is our time zone. So you find your time zone, you to podcasting and you can put your start on starting out already have a show.

And then average downloads. So if you’re only starting out, you obviously want to put zero. That’s just I guess, I believe for registration purposes only, then you type your email address in and how did you hear about which got so obviously, if you heard it from me while you can share me or another resource, I do not mind. If you did not hear it from me, that’s fine.

Again, I don’t believe they have an affiliate program but they could have. So by putting the potential that there might be a percentage of commission come to me that because it’s free, I don’t know how that commission would work. I know that they have advertising options in there. So maybe there is an option for linking up and getting some condition that wide but obviously there’s no out of pocket expense for you. So I’m just sharing that I do not know at this stage I want to quickly move you through becoming a podcaster and getting your web spider print sensory out there in the world wide web and focusing on creating predictable cash flow is a journey entrepreneur you are so how did I hear it originally? I think I heard it through I will just put because I cannot remember podcast boy on podcasting and you can go ahead and share a little bit more about this put recharge life is guiding people to thrive on their own.

And you can put whatever content of course he put there and why we go we go ahead and we register now.

Okay, so they will get back to me shortly and wait until then

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